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Fervor Records One Stop Shop Vintage Masters
One stop licensing of authentic period music
Definitive Sounds of The Era • Dozens of Genres • 1954 - 1990
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Muzik Headz
Independent artists, composers and producers
MTV Charting Artists • Grammy Nominated Composers • Multi-platinum Producers
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Wild Whirled Music
Renowned full vocal song and production music catalog
Award Winning Network & Cable Television Shows • Blockbuster & Indie Films • Fortune 500 Advertising Campaigns • New Media Initiatives
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Over the top, high impact themes, scores and cues
Blockbuster Film Trailers • Hit Reality TV Series • Fortune 500 Advertising Campaigns
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Fervor Classical
Featuring the “King of Concertmasters” violin virtuoso, Steven Staryk
Public Domain: Baroque • Classical • Impressionist • Romantic
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Fervor Records Retail
Our international retail division, featuring select recordings from our extensive catalogs
iTunes • Amazon • e-Music • Spotify • Rhapsody • Napster • last.fm • Slacker

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